Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cute little happy things

Starting a blog was a very sudden decision. Me and my family ( hubby, mom and 11 year old cousin) were returning back from an LA trip. As my dear hubby Tugrul was managing the wheel, I was trying to keep my focus on my new book  'The girl who played with fire'. The first few pages are as boring as the first book but I still can not wait to get to the mid sections where I would turn into a lady Sherlock Holmes and bring some extra anxiety to my life with all the conspiracy theories I will create from the story and the characters. Not having an ADD diagnosis in my health records, I have started to question myself about why I was having to read every page 3 times and still forget what I had read just two minutes ago. The answer was pretty simple; my mind was somewhere else. I was already getting worried about the fact that my mom and cousin would be ending their visit and going back to their towns. During their visit I had spent a majority of my time working either from home or from work. I realized that I could not share my life with them as much as I wanted to. I still had a lot of stories
to tell them about my life, friends, job, hobbies and my life in California.
I had to do something...
I would start writing, posting photos, sharing my life...I would start a blog! This was the solution! :) 

Here are some photos of little sweet things that my mom and cousin brought for me from Turkey. They made me the happiest people in the world.

 [Rose shaped portable folding bag and flower shaped hair rope that my cousin brought to me]


[Scented soap with evil eye, my mom's gift]

A few people who have inspired or encouraged me are;
-My husband who has always supported me.
-My parents who have always encouraged me about my artistic skills and my interest in photography
-My cousin Hazal who has proved that the talent is running in my family's blood. (
-My dear friend Ezgi who for the last 2 years been trying to convince me to start a fashion blog
-My dear friend Sebnem by showing me a great example of how you can keep your family in your life even if they are thousands of miles away.
-My amazing group of friends, I know I will never run out of subject or motivation as long as I have you guys in my life.

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