Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SJP on Vogue

It is just Tuesday and I am already tired mostly because of the sourness and aches I have since yesterday. With 2 capsules of Tylenol PM still in my blood from last night's dosage, I can not quite say that today was my most efficient day. When I came home around 6:30, the only thing I could think of was heating the frozen shrimp wonton soup and have a cup of it while waiting for hubby. Sex and the city is playing on Style TV and I have nothing better to watch so I watch the same episode for the 5th time. Coinsidentaly, SJP is also on the cover of this month's Vogue magazine that I just grapped from the coffee table. This woman is just an amazing actress, style icon and a great mom. I start reading the article...read more about SJP on Vogue

Photographed by Mario Testino

Photos by Mario Testino

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