Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time to say goodbye to Mom

I just came back from SFO International Airport to say good bye to my family who was visiting me from Turkey.  Last 3 weeks was an adventure for both me and my husband. Having no kids yet, neither of us had any real experience on spending so much time with the younger generation ( my 11 year old cousin) though I am quite experienced about older generations ( Mom; I am not referring to you, pls don't take me wrong)

We had an amazing 3 weeks full of activities and sightseeing points in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. I will definitely miss both of them a lot until the next time I will see them and here are 3 big reasons why;

1. Because I love spending time with two of my favorite guys in the world. Team would be complete if my dad could join as well.

2. Because I love going shopping with my mom and we have a common taste. :)

3. Because I will miss my mom's cooking.


  1. Love reading your blog! And as you know I loved meeting you Mom and cousin too. Your cute pic of the matching shoes reminded me of my Mom... we often go shopping together and end up buying the same things. We are so blessed to have such special Moms! :-)

  2. me too!It is enjoyable zeynep!congrats for your blog!