Friday, August 12, 2011

Cupcake Happiness

What can be a better way to start a great weekend after a week of sickness and frustration? cupcakes!!!
I did not have a favorite brand until I met with Sprinkles. I did not even like cupcakes before I tried my first Sprinkles in my friend's bridal shower for the first time. I think I am a huge fan now, especially of the dark chocolate one...please enjoy the photos while I enjoy the real thing.... :)

Read more here about how to create your signature desert even if it does not look as good as this one.

Photo: Victoria Pearson


  1. I love Sprinkles!!!! As a matter of fact I am right now parked in front of the Sprinkles location in Newport Beach enjoying a cupcake as I am reading your post about Sprinkles cupcakes. Serendipity it is!!!!!!

  2. What a great coincidence :) enjoy it!!!

  3. great photos by the way! mucccuk.