Saturday, December 10, 2011

5 best deserts I had this year

2011 is almost over... As I was going over my iphone to clean up the photo album, archive some old photos and make room for new memories, I have realized how many amazingly delicious new food I had tried over the last year. Deserts made up a significant portion of my food experience and memories of contentment.

5 places that I would recommend to check out and taste deserts are;
- Snowice. I did not know until a few months ago that Korean culture had such an interesting version of shaved ice in snow texture, stuffed with all kinds of desert garnishes including nuts, fruits, sauces and etc...This is a must try item!
- San Diego Seaport Village Hyatt Hotel's club bar has really impressed us when the chef started displaying the desert items on the buffet table. The chocolate covered strawberries covered with gold, silver and shimmer touches were not only a feast on the eyes but also in the mouth :)
- I have been a big fan of cream puffs since the first time my class mate had made me try them one time at the food court at San Francisco shopping center. These ones from Beard Papa's are also delicious. I think I love the coffee filling a little more than the vanilla filling.
- San Francisco Creamy is a famous and very popular place among the bay area residents who likes to enjoy a good selection of ice cream deserts. If you have the courage, you can also challange the stomach with the famous kitchen sink desert that serves one ( if you dare) or up to 6 people. We did not go for the challange by the way :)
- The best of all, to be honest, was a desert I recently tried in my home, made by my husband. I had a cold over the last week and could not really take care of the house and kitchen work. So hubby stepped in and showed his talents in the kitchen. :) Receipe coming soon...


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