Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lancaster,PA - Amish Country

I departed from San Francisco International Airport last Sunday at around 11:00am in the morning unaware that my travel trip to Lancaster would take as long as a flight to Europe. By the time I arrived at the final destination Airport at Harrisburg,PA and rented a car to drive the 30 mile road to Lancaster, my clock was showing 12:00 am in the morning. I was almost there... Almost made it to my hotel...One more thing left to get to my target point was to rent a car and drive for 30 mins. Just 30 more mins...And my fake motivation did not last long when the lady at the car rental passes me the keys for a 4x4 Jeep which was just too big for me to handle but that was my only option. As if this was not enough, the car was so hightechly equipped that it took me 15 mins to figure out the engine button and start the car. ( I was looking for an engine key all that time) I started driving slowly under the rain thinking what a great coinsidence it was that I started hating technology as I was driving to an Amish Town where people would use no electricity due to religious reasons.

Was that a sign to me from god?

At least the Hotel was worth the trip. It was close to downtown area which did not seem very safe to me to walk by myself at all so I limited my daily gasoline usage to road trips from the hotel to work and from work to the hotel. The Lancaster Arts Hotel was a modern and clean hotel where mostly families stay. They had a small art gallery that displayed oil paintings and sculptures. The room service would bring a red rose every day to the room and place it on the bed. This was just too romantic for me to handle at a business trip tough...

Having realized my interest in the lives of the Amish people, our business partner Rick offered to give me a quick tour to an Amish Farm during a lunch break. We drove to a produce farm where an extremely cute and smart Amish boy named Samuel was running the cash register operated by battery. Surprisingly, he allowed me to take his picture but I promised him not to make it public so I will not be posting his cute face on my blog. One more thing that surprised me besides Samuel's friendly and welcoming attitude was how clean and organised their farm was. They live such a simple life free of worries like career goals, stock market or retirement plans.

Entrance of the Amish Farm

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