Sunday, September 4, 2011

Books and bookends

Borders is closing its stores :( and we know that the reason behind this is not that people are not reading any more but they prefer using digital platforms where they have convenient access to thousands of e-books, audio books, music CDs, movies, and etc...
I did one of my Borders trip yesterday at the Palo Alto store which is having a closeout sale of 60-80%. I got 2 books at a very good deal but it still does not change the fact that my hearth is still crying for Borders.

As I was placing my new books on the bookshelf in our living area I realized my bookshelf was lacking a key element; some bookends to hold the books from sliding. As I started searching online I found these bookends at Barneys but as soon as I found these I also had to forget about them right away since they have an average price of $295 per pair. They are extremely cute though...

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