Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor day sales

Labor day weekend sales are sure very popular as many people would look for deals in shopping stores. Since my in laws happened to be here during the labor day weekend we took them to Stanford shopping center to take a stroll around the shops and enjoy the pretty flowers. Since we are in mid September it means pumpkins and Halloween items will be on the displays for the next few more weeks. And there I came upon a large glass pumpkin display by glass artists Walker & Bowes as I was walking by the center area at the mall.

Another thing I realized (which has nothing to do with seasonality or fall harvest time) is that the leopard prints are back to play their game in the fashion world. Almost every shoe brand at Macy's had at least one shoe with a leopard print design on their new season displays. My favorites or eye candies I should call are;

- long dress with belt from Anthropologie
- stylish orange dress from Miss Sixty
- casual winter boots from Macy's
- Calvin Klein shoes

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